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Telemetry information specifics

Air speed

If there is no airspeed sensor onboard, airspeed will be shown as "Not available". If there is an airspeed sensor onboard, the airspeed value will be shown.

RC link quality

Ardupilot reports RC link loss correctly only when the throttle failsafe is activated.

• Throttle failsafe must be configured. (Set parameter FS_THR_ENABLE to nonzero and configure throttle channel to go below FS_THR_VALUE on RC link loss)

• Ardupilot reports RC links correctly only while armed. If the RC signal is lost while the vehicle is disarmed it will still appear as 100%. (This is Ardupilot firmware limitation)

• RC link quality is available only for multicopter and heli firmware (ArduCopter). Fixed wing (ArduPlane) and rover (ArduRover) do not report RC link status.