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Joystick support

Ardupilot can be put into Joystick mode which allows the user to manually control the vehicle in a similar way to the RC transmitter. Please note that Joystick mode is inherently more fragile than direct manual control via RC transmitter because it involves many different data links and components:

Joystick device –> UgCS client –> server –> VSM –> Ground Radio –> Air Radio –> Autopilot

If any of the above links fail, the joystick control is broken and the vehicle automatically goes into manual mode. (Loiter for copters and Stabilize for planes) This is why users should be very careful when working with Joystick control mode. It is recommended to have an RC transmitter as a backup controller.

Note: One specific Ardupilot firmware version 3.4.3 does not support Joystick mode. Joystick control mode is disabled by default for fixed-wing frames. To enable Joystick mode for planes please refer to the section Joystick control parameters.