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Connecting UgCS for DJI to UgCS

Make sure to use the latest version of UgCS and UgCS for DJI on your mobile device or Smart controller.

Make sure that both devices are in the same network and no restrictions with the firewall/antivirus or any other system on your computer.

  • Install UgCS for DJI app
  • Instal UgCS Desktop
  • Run UgCS Desktop
  • Switch on the drone
  • Switch on the controller or Smart Controller
  • Connect the controller to the mobile device with a USB cable
  • The UgCS for DJI will appear in the pop-out message. Choose "Once"
  • The SSDP connection must be established automatically

NOTE: NEVER update software in the field!!!

If the SSDP connection doesn't work, try one of these options:

  1. Manual connection for UgCS PRO and EXPERT licenses
  2. Direct connection for UgCS ENTERPRISE license