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Perimeter flight plan

Perimeter flight plan

The tool allows you to build a route along the perimeter of the drawn figure.

Speed along the path. Default is the value from the vehicle profile or previously entered value.

Turn type - can be following:

    When changing the vehicle, the selected parameter remains
    unchanged if supported by the new vehicle.

Flight height - altitude of flight along the perimeter. This altitude is not affected by the altitude type chosen for the route.

Number of laps - number of times the drone flies along the perimeter.

Action execution - Shows when actions are to be performed:

  • ONLY_AT_START - only at the starting point;
  • ACTIONS_EVERY_POINT - at each point;
  • ACTIONS_ON_FORWARD_PASSES - at each point of passes.
    But when turning, the camera should turn off.

Avoid obstacles

Avoid terrain

No actions at last point - do not perform actions at the last point.

Altitude mode - AMSL, AGL, Smart AGL, or Rangefinder to set Flight height.