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How to enable shutter control of non-DJI cameras for DJI A3, N3 and M600

This instruction describes how to enable shutter control of DJI A3, N3, and M600 for not native DJI cameras.

  1. Update all components to the latest DJI firmware.
  2. In DJI Assistant 2 configure any available ports as "Shutter". For example the F1.
  1. Change shutter parameters or leave them by default.
  1. Connect the shutter device to F1 port and test if it works using the Shutter button on the RC remote controller.

  2. Use camera trigger action for waypoints in UgCS:


Note: Following cameras actions are available ONLY for "native" DJI cameras:

• Set camera by distance;
• Set camera by time;
• Set camera mode: recording or shot.
For non-DJI cameras is available ONLY:
• Set camera mode: shot.