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Safety considerations

Before flying with UgCS you must consider the following statements:

  1. It is the responsibility of the user to operate the system safely in order to avoid harming other people, animals, or legal property, or encountering other damages by taking unnecessary risks.

  2. The user must be familiar with, and comply with location-specific legal regulations before using UgCS.

  3. Make sure that the first waypoint is located close to the actual take-off point and that there is no significant vertical drop.

  4. Make sure to specify the correct altitude of the take-off point before the flight. Please refer to the “Take-off Altitude” paragraph of this manual. It is essential to do this because the barometer readings can change between power-on, route upload, and take-off.

  5. Automatic take-off and landing are not recommended in case of strong wind, as it can lead to a crash. In a scenario like this, taking off and landing the vehicle in manual mode is safer. Use Automatic mode only in mid-air.