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Current waypiont

UgCS can report the current waypoint vehicle is navigating to. There are two options available for the feature to work: Saving route hash on the vehicle and Route download. Both options are disabled by default due to their limitations.

Saving route hash on vehicle

When the Route hash parameter name is defined, VSM saves the hash of the uploaded route to the vehicle as the value of the given parameter.

Possible values: Any valid ardupilot parameter name which does not have enforced limits and is of type float.

Unfortunately, Ardupilot does not provide "user-defined" parameters, therefore it is very important to select parameter which is not used in normal ardupilot operation. If that is not possible then Route download should be considered.

The recommended parameter is RALLY_LIMIT_KM which can be used for this purpose unless the "rally points" Ardupilot feature is required. See Route hash parameter name.

Route download

When enabled, VSM downloads routes from the vehicle on each vehicle connect, and after each route is uploaded to the vehicle. This can take significant time when the route is large. This setting allows seeing the current waypoint at the expense of doubling route upload time. It should be enabled only if the Saving route hash on the vehicle is not available. See Enable route download.