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Connecting the drone

UgCS provides various options for establishing a drone connection. It can as a connection through the mobile application as a direct controller connection.

Some drones (e.g. Autel) cannot be connected to UgCS, but the route can be exported as a KML file and imported to the Autel Explorer application.

Most of the supported DJI drones can be connected with the mobile application UgCS for DJI, but the latest supported DJI drones model can be connected directly with the DJI Pilot 2 application.

DJI Drone modelUgCS for DJI mobile applicationDJI Pilot 2 application
Matrice 350 RTKNoYes
Matrice 300 RTKYesYes
Matrice 30 SeriesNoYes
Mavic 3 Enterprise SeriesNoYes
Matrice 200/210 SeriesYesNo
Phantom 4/PRO/PRO v2/RTKYesNo
Matrice 600/PROYesNo
Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro/Enterprise Dual/Enterprise AdvancedYesNo

Autopilots like Ardupilot and PX4 can be connected using various options.

  1. Connecting Ardupilot drones to UgCS;
  2. Connecting PX4 drones to UgCS;
  3. Connecting using HereLink controller.