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Command execution specifics

ARMYesArms vehicle.
DISARMYesDisarms vehicle. For copter this works only when vehicle is on the ground.
AUTOMODEYesStart mission from first waypoint.
Sets vehicle into Auto flight mode.
MANUALMODEYesSets Manual mode. It’s LOITER for multicopter frames and
STABILIZE for fixed wing.
CLICK & GOYesSets Click & Go (single waypoint) mode.
JOYSTICKYesSets Joystick mode.
HOLDYesPause mission execution. The drone will loiter at its current position.
CONTINUEYesContinue with mission execution from next waypoint. Works from Manual, Joystick and Click&Go modes. If mission is already completed then vehicle will restart the mission.
RETURN HOMEYesVehicle will return to home location. See also Home Location.
CAMERA_TRIGGERNoSee Camera trigger command for details.
MISSION_CLEARYesDeletes current route from vehicle.