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Landing point

Landing point

The landing tool marks the landing position and parameters. The availability of this tool relates to vehicle type.
Landing waypoints are associated with the descent rate parameter that is found in the vehicle profile.

Note: The landing algorithm for planes in UgCS has two basic points – the waypoint at which the landing sequence starts and the landing point. The landing trajectory is a straight line between both of these points, provided there are no obstacles between them. The landing trajectory is calculated based on the glideslope parameter.

The glideslope parameter is set in the vehicle profile settings. It might be, for instance, 10%. This means that for every 100 m the plane travels to the landing point it decreases its altitude by 10 m.
The landing ground speed parameter is the speed set in the vehicle profile. This speed should be set to a low value in the case if automatic flaps are enabled for the plane, to be deployed.