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There is no connection between UgCS Desctop and UgCS for DJI

Ensure that UgCS Desktop and UgCS for DJI are connected to the same WiFI network and the network type is set to Private.
Check if none of the ports required for UgCS to operate are blocked by Firewall, Antivirus, or other applications.

The list of these ports:
Windows firewall
-TCP ports: 3339, 3340 incoming/outgoing
-UDP ports: 3338, 3341 incoming; 1991, 49152-65535 incoming/outgoing.

UgCS Server
To connect UgCS for DJI – TCP, 3335
To connect UgCS Client and UgCS VideoPlayer – TCP, 3334
To connect to the Internet – TCP, 80, 443

To connect to UgCS Server – TCP, 8079
To connect to the Internet – TCP, 80

If above mentioned won’t help, try the following direct connection options depending on your license type: