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Configuring network ports for UgCS ENTERPRISE

By default, UgCS components use the following network protocols and ports:

Windows firewall

TCP ports: 3339, 3340 incoming/outgoing
UDP ports: 3338, 3341 incoming; 1991, 49152-65535 incoming/outgoing.

UgCS Server

To connect UgCS for DJI – TCP, 3335
To connect UgCS Client and UgCS VideoPlayer – TCP, 3334
To connect to the internet - TCP, 80, 443


To connect to UgCS Server – TCP, 8079
To connect to the internet - TCP, 80

Flussonic Server

To connect UgCS VideoPlayer and UgCS for DJI – TCP, 554

It is possible to change the following settings:

UgCS Server

Configuration file is located:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UgCS\server\ucs\ucs.properties
‘ucs.vsm.server.port=3335’ – port to connect UgCS for DJI
‘ucs.hci.port=3334’ – port to connect UgCS Client


A configuration file is located:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UgCS\geoserver\ geoserver.properties
‘server.connection.port=8079’ - port to connect UgCS Server

Note: After changing the settings, the service has to be restarted.

Full list of used network ports in UgCS

ComponentL4 protocolPortDescriptionSSDP service
Video serverUDP[in] 3338Plain UDP video stream input endpointugcs:video-server:input:udp
TCP[in] 3339HTTP management interfaceugcs:video-server:control
TCP[in] 3340RTSP serverugcs:video-server:output:rtsp
UDP[in, not used] 3341URTP video stream input endpointugcs:video-server:input:urtp
TCP[in, not used] 3342TCP video stream input endpointugcs:video-server:input:tcp
UDP[in] 3343URTP video stream output endpointugcs:video-server:output:urtp
SSDPUDP[in, out] 1991SSDP messages
VSM EmulatorTCP[in] 5555Local port for listening connections from UCS
VSM ArdupilotTCP[in] 5556
VSM UNAVTCP[in] 5560
VSM MicroADSBTCP[in] 5561
VSM DJITCP[in] 5562
VSM KestrelTCP[in] 5570
VSM XBEETCP[in] 5566Port for connecting with Ardupilot VSM
DJI Pilot ConnectorHTTP[in] 5577The endpoint of DJI Cloud web API.
TCP[in] 5578MQTT brocker.
TCP[in] 5579VSM incoming connection.
UCSTCP[in] 3334Desktop client connectionugcs:hci-server
TCP[in] 3335Vsm connection port (DJI)ugcs:vsm-server
TCP[in] 7075Profiler
TCP[in] 7076Emulator