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Home Location

Home location support is indifferent to ArduPilot firmware.

ArduCopter firmware version up to 3.2.1 and higher

Warning: Home location set via mission is ignored by Ardupilot firmware version 3.2.1.

Ardupilot will always override home location with a current position at the time of arming.

When the "RETURN_HOME" command is issued from UgCS Client or RC transmitter, the vehicle will return to the location it was armed.

Note: Home location altitude is always 0m AGL (Above Ground Level). I.e. Vehicle must be launched from the ground level. This is a limitation of UgCS software and will be removed in future versions

Landing at Home Location

Vehicle behavior after returning to Home Location depends on the configuration parameter RTL_ALT_FINAL:

• RTL_ALT_FINAL == 0: Vehicle will land automatically

• RTL_ALT_FINAL > 0: The vehicle will descend to a given altitude (in centimeters) and hover there waiting for user control.

The RTL_ALT_FINAL can be overridden in the config file. See RTL_ALT_FINAL parameter.

Note: RTL_ALT_FINAL parameter can be set using MissionPlanner software.