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Flying demo mission with emulator drone

Upon the initial launch, there are two pre-planned routes in the "Demo mission", one for each emulator drone.

Emulator drones allow the user to train on using UgCS for vehicle flight for presentation or demonstration purposes. However, it does not accurately simulate the flight characteristics of real drones. For this purpose, the actual drone hardware should be used. For example, many DJI drones can simulate real-life flights without taking off. For more details on simulation, please refer to here.

To start the prepared demo mission with one of the emulator drones, follow the steps:

  1. Select the desired route (Emucopter route);
  2. Choose the emulator vehicle (EMU-101); (note that drone profiles for the selected route and selected drone should match)
  3. Upload the route using command "Upload";
  4. Arm the drone using command "Arm";
  5. Start the mission by sending command "Auto mode";

You will then notice the drone taking off and starting to fly the route.

EMU-101 flying demo route

EMU-101 flying demo route

To use the emulator for a newly created route, create the route in the desired map area, select the emulator vehicle, and upload the route. It's important to note that to change the vehicle location, the route must be uploaded twice.