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Geotags writing to photo files

To write geotags to photo files, follow the steps:

  • Copy photo files from the camera and back it up.
  • Open telemetry player. Add drone to the vehicle list. Check that telemetry data can be found for selected drone.
  • Open geotagging window for selected drone.
  • Calculate time offset value. For this calculation, compare camera time and photo time.
  • Take photo of UgCS desktop time by camera and select time from picture - this is photo time;
  • Open UgCS client -> telemetry player -> add vehicle -> open geotagging window;
  • Click Browse and select photo from previous step;
  • Camera time is displayed in geotagging window at string after words “start time”;
  • Calculate difference between two values in seconds.
  • Add all photos from camera (exclude photo with screen).
  • Set calculated camera offset. Set time zone of the camera if necessary.
  • Process and save geotags to photo files.