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Drone and payload profiles available for import

Here are some drone (vehicle) and payload profiles available for import in UgCS. They are not included in the standard UgCS installation but can be imported by going to the Main Menu, Profiles (or Payloads), selecting "Import" and choosing the drone profile.

Drone profiles

Acecore Noa H6

Acecore Zoe X4

Inspired Flight IF1200A

WISPR Ranger Pro

Payload profiles

Phase One P3 50MP (35 mm)

Phase One P3 50MP (80 mm)

Phase One P3 50MP (150 mm)

Phase One P3 100MP (35mm)

Phase One P3 100MP (80 mm)

Phase One P3 100MP (150mm)

Workswell Enterprise Thermal

Workswell Enterprise High-Resolution

Workswell Enterprise RGB 30x

Workswell WIRIS Agro R

How to import a custom drone or payload profile

  1. Download the .profile file of the desired profile below (note that drone profiles already contain applicable payloads within)
  2. In UgCS go to Main Menu, Profiles if importing a drone profile (or Main Menu, Payloads if importing a vehicle profile)
  3. Click on Import button
  4. Navigate to the .profile file in your computer and click on Select
  5. A message will show up indicating successful import
  6. Note: If only a payload profile was added, you need to add it to the drone used. To do this, go to Main Menu, Profiles, select the drone profile used, click on Edit. Under payloads select Add and choose your newly imported payload.

If you are a drone or payload manufacturer and want your profile featured on this page, please reach out to us at [email protected]